Mazda Goes 100% Digital

Mazda is extending the Digital Service Record (DSR) system to all Mazda models registered throughout Europe from July 1st, 2006.

This pioneering DSR system was first introduced by Mazda across Europe eight months ago with the launch of the Mazda5, followed a short while later by the new Mazda MX-5.

The extra efficiency it brings to Mazda workshops, and the convenience and data security it delivers to Mazda5 and MX-5 customers, has ensured its total success amongst both dealerships and owners alike. That is why DSR is now being extended to all new Mazda customers so they may benefit from the system as soon as possible. Every Mazda model currently being produced and registered on or after July 1st in Europe will have their service history recorded digitally.

Mazda Goes 100% Digital
Mazda Goes 100% Digital
The DSR system allows the repairer to maintain a complete service history in a secure, centralised, digital database. Every time a service or repair is carried out, the database is updated and customers are given a hard copy printout for their records.

Compared with the current system using traditional service booklets, Mazda’s DSR has a number of advantages for Mazda owners. For example, conventional booklets may not allow adequate recording of extended service items, such as brake fluid and spark plug replacement. By using the DSR database, the job can be tracked accurately – avoiding duplication of work and saving money for the customer.

It’s also easier to spot any gaps in the servicing, so they can be remedied quickly. And when the time comes, it may be possible to obtain a higher resale price for the vehicle, as potential buyers will have a detailed service history that is truly comprehensive and completely genuine.

Our Digital Service Record system makes it easier for our customers to own their Mazda,” said Jørgen Olesen, Vice President for Customer Service and Logistics at Mazda Motor Europe. “DSR has already been proven to be a leading-edge service documentation process that sees an end to lost service booklets or missing details. Now a complete digital service history for each Mazda will be held at a central, secure location. This means greater convenience for the customer, greater efficiency from the repairer and peace of mind for current and potential future owners.”

After July 1st every new Mazda owner will have the security and peace of mind of the DSR system - another example of innovative and successful technology taking Mazda closer to its goal of being the best in Europe for customer satisfaction.