Mazda Motor Europe neemt op 1 oktober dit jaar de import van auto’s en onderdelen in Tsjechië en Slowakije in eigen hand. Dat heeft Philip Waring, vice president verkoop, gisteren gezegd tegen Mazda-dealers in beide landen. Op dit moment is Auto Palace Praha, onderdeel van de Haagse Autobinck Holding, nog Mazda-importeur. Autobinck blijft wel Mazda-dealer in Praag en Bratislava.

Mazda heeft sinds 1995 het aantal eigen importbedrijven in Europa vergroot van twee naar elf. Het merk is overigens actief in 38 Europese landen, dus het werkt nog steeds met een behoorlijk aantal zelfstandige importeurs. Zo ook in Nederland, waar Auto Palace – de Binckhorst de Mazda-import verzorgt. Of dit contract bij afloop wordt verlengd, is onbekend.

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Mazda Motor Europe to Establish National Sales Companies in the Czech Republic and Slovakia

Leverkusen, 12 January 2005. Mazda Motor Europe plans to continue expanding its national sales company (NSC) base in Europe with two new NSCs in 2006 – in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Philip Waring, Vice President of Sales, presented Mazda’s plan to independent Mazda dealers in both countries yesterday in Prague. The plan entails transferring the distribution of Mazda vehicles and parts in the Czech Republic and Slovakia from their current distributor, Auto Palace Praha, to a Mazda-owned operation on October 1st 2006.

“This move is a part of Mazda’s strategy of having our own national sales companies in the established markets in Europe,” said Waring. “We have enjoyed a long and positive relationship with Auto Palace Praha as our independent distributor partner in the Czech and Slovakian markets. We are delighted that they have decided to continue to represent us as independent dealers in Prague and Bratislava and also at the positive response yesterday to our plans from our independent dealer partners in both markets.”

Mazda has expanded its number of European NSCs to 11 during the last decade, up from only two in 1995, while continuing to work closely with independent distributors and by expanding into new markets. Mazda is currently operating through its NSCs and independent distributors in 38 European markets and was one of the fastest growing car brands in Europe between 2001 and the end of 2004. Mazda-owned operations in the Czech Republic and Slovakia will further enhance these two markets’ contribution to this sales momentum.
“We have an excellent dealer network in the Czech Republic and Slovakia doing a great job for Mazda and its customers,” said Waring. “We plan to continue this partnership with all our dealers and to set up two separate national sales companies, respecting the important differences between the two countries.  We will work together with Auto Palace Praha and our dealers to ensure a good transition to the new arrangements for our customers. We will then work to maximise our customer satisfaction, and the sales and profits for our dealers and ourselves, in these two vibrant European economies.”

Note:  Detailed information about the new NSCs will be communicated at a later date.